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FIELDS is your partner in complex and diverging situations. The common thread is the undivided attention of our professionals.


The carve-out of part of your company or corporation which will be better off standing on its own feet. FIELDS has a proven track record in the area of carve-outs with listed companies.

“The SULO Emballagen division was no longer one of Plastic Omnium’s core businesses. In FIELDS we found a reliable new owner. The company is now in good hands.”

CEO SL Packaging


Transferring the family business to a new, external shareholder who will continue to build on your life’s work. FIELDS knows exactly what specific and unique emotions are present at family-owned businesses.

“I had been contemplating for a while the idea of searching for a successor for my company. For me, an investor was not an obvious option until I got to know the people of FIELDS. Together we agreed on a transition plan and a matching transaction structure. We are currently building the company autonomously as well as through acquisitions to a market leader without losing sight of the existing culture and working methods within SEP Peeters. Through the acquisition, a scenario has been created for me in which I can reduce my workload at my own pace while my company is further developed in a sustainable manner. “

Theo Peeters

Founder SEP Peeters


The realisation of ambitious growth plans at home and abroad. Your company is doing well, but you realise that you need a partner in order to take the next step. FIELDS is this partner.

“After several years of growth in the Netherlands, I was looking for an entrepreneurial, hands-on investor who was able to support me and my team towards further growth, both in the Netherlands and abroad. I specifically chose FIELDS as, right from the start, they always asked the right questions, they managed to familiarise themselves with the sector very quickly and showed their commitment throughout the entire process. Working with this team gives us a new energy boost and I have not regretted my choice for one single moment. We opened new locations including in the US within a year and have doubled our revenues.”

Rob Bruinsma

Founder FMTC

Special situations

You need an experienced partner who can help you in the area of operations, finance, management, or shareholder issues. Someone with expert knowledge and a solution-oriented approach. FIELDS has this expertise.

“After 23 years, and due to circumstances, I was no longer able to manage my company myself. This created a great amount of unrest among my personnel. With FIELDS I felt that I introduced a new shareholder who would be able to expand and professionalise the company. And so they did. They are excellent entrepreneurs who lifted my company to the next level, both in size and in profitability.”

Wim Noorman

Founder Eurotech Group

The FIELDS approach

FIELDS employs its expertise, experience, broad network, and creative talent to lift companies to the next level. This is, roughly speaking, done in three ways, which can also be combined:

We support the management of our companies with practical measures that have proved their effectiveness in other FIELDS participations. Through these measures we  realise optimal pricing, cost structure, and working capital.

Case study: M&K


We help to expand the market position of our companies by doing acquisitions in the same and adjacent markets. Together with the management, we integrate these acquisitions and realise new synergies.

Case study: Eurotech


Unrolling a successful business model – especially when you want to do this internationally – is no small feat. The FIELDS team has a strong track record in the practical spotting of international opportunities and setting up the required organisation.

Case study: FMTC

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