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Eurotech Group is a manufacturer of complex, high-precision aluminium sand casting parts and assemblies with locations in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Germany, with clients in the medical, robotics, heating, and energy industries.

FIELDS took a majority stake in October 2013 and collaborated closely with management on the development of Eurotech. In this period, revenues more than double to €73M while our EBITDA increased fivefold.

In 2018, Eurotech Group was sold to MGG Group, a market leader in the area of high-precision and complex aluminium sand and low-pressure sand casting in Europe. The acquisition of Eurotech Group fits perfectly with the expansion strategy of MGG.

"Having FIELDS Group as a partner allowed us to realise a successful buy-and-build strategy and cost optimisation, we perfected the layout in the three factories, and we were able to attract new clients in all sectors".

Eric Lamkin

CEO Eurotech Group

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