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FIELDS invests in companies with potential through an entrepreneurial and hands-on approach. With common sense and an eye for detail. This is how we realise transformations and lift companies to the next level. Our attention makes the difference.

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FIELDS primarily looks at the potential of the company and how this can be realised. We have experience in a wide range of industries, which we use to successfully o lift companies to the next level.

"I specifically chose FIELDS as, right from the start, they always asked the right questions, they managed to familiarise themselves with the sector very quickly and were highly involved throughout the entire process." Rob Bruinsma, Founder FMTC

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"The entire FIELDS team breathes entrepreneurship and has the expertise we need for our internationalisation strategy. Their level of involvement is high. We complement each other, which allows us to take huge leaps forward with FMTC"

Joeri van de Watering


The FIELDS team

Our people are our main asset. A powerful combination of experienced investors and a pragmatic, operational task force. They are all passionate professionals who combine a no-nonsense mentality with a strong empathy and analytical insight. Team players who share the vision that collaboration and positive energy can move mountains.

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