New training object: Helicopter platform

Posted on: 23-10-2018

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We are proud to announce that a helicopter platform is now available and operational at our training center at Schiphol.

Helicopter Platform

As a result of recent growth, we are pleased to welcome a great number of new clients to our training center. In order to provide all of our clients with training courses of the highest possible quality, we are always searching for ways to improve our services. With the installation of this helicopter platform, we can raise our helicopter courses to a higher level. It guarantees more realistic training courses. In addition, we are now able to expand our existing catalogue of helicopter training courses.

Helicopter training courses

Currently, the training courses that are already using the helicopter platform are: NOGEPA 1.1 Helicopter Landing OfficerNOGEPA 2.6 Member Fire Fighting and NOGEPA 2.9 Helicopter Fire-Fighting. In addition to these courses, a number of diverse, new helicopter training courses will be created, such as HLO for Superyachts and hospitals.

HLO Superyachts

Superyachts capable of letting a helicopter land also need a team to carry out helicopter operations. Throughout the HLO for superyachts training course, the delegate will learn all about the risks and dangers of the take-off and landing procedure onboard of a superyacht and how to respond in an emergency situation. Aside from the safety aspects that a Helicopter Landing Officer needs to consider, hospitality is also emphasized.

HLO Hospitals

When a helicopter lands on the roof of a hospital or on top of a Heli Trauma Center, the presence of an HLO is mandatory. By taking the HLO for hospitals training course, the delegate learns about the theory and practice when carrying out all activities necessary for helicopter operations at a hospital, under normal circumstances as well as emergency situations.

Realistic practice

Aside from our standard courses, we are also able to develop helicopter training courses custom-made for you. Would you like to know more, or would you like to examine our helicopter platform? Contact us via [email protected] or call +31(0)20 – 811 43 32.

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