Logistic Force strengthens position as HR-service provider in the transportation & logistics segment via het acquisition of VIA Logistics Professionals

Posted on: 15-04-2024

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On the 11th of April, Logistic Force (LF), a full-service HR-service provider active in the domains of transportation & logistics, acquired the activities of VIA Logistics Professionals (VIA). VIA provides services in the domains of recruitment, secondment, freelancing & training and focusses its activities on white-collar supply-chain & logistics professionals. The activities of VIA extend the services proposition of LF towards higher management functions. Both organizations collectively expect to be able to increase their market shares in the upcoming years. Majority shareholder FIELDS Group supported Logistic Force in the execution of this add-on acquisition.

The acquisition of VIA fits to Logistic Force’s ambition to become a leading market player in the transportation & logistics segment in the Benelux: “The acquisition of VIA allows us to extend our staffing-services to also cover white-collar positions and freelancers, where currently LF is mostly focused on supplying truck drivers and blue-collar logistics personnel. Both companies complement each other perfectly: VIA gives us access to a new market segment and Logistics Force offers VIA the opportunity to accelerate the growth its operations by utilizing LF’s national infrastructure & customer network.” Says Martin van Dijk, CEO of Logistic Force. The VIA Logistics Professionals brand will continue to exist and will as of now operate under the umbrella of Logistic Force. The current activities of Logistic Force Recruit (the recruitment activities of Logistic Force) are to be merged and integrated into the VIA-label.

VIA Logistics Professionals has built up a strong brand name in the logistics segment and has experienced healthy growth in recent years. This growth is expected to continue in the collaboration with LF: “Together with LF, we expect to be able to accelerate the geographical expansion of the VIA-label in regions relevant for us. Amongst others, this collaboration will give us access to a network of new commercial accounts providing an opportunity for immediate expansion of VIA. Additionally, we also hope to be able to contribute to LF’s growth ambitions via our own existing commercial network.”, according to the management of VIA.


About Logistic Force

Logistic Force, founded 15 years ago, offers a range of staffing services focused on temporary employment, training & recruitment and specializes in the transportation and logistics segments. Operating from 28 branches, Logistic Force offers a national infrastructure to fully services its clients. LF has realized an annual pro-forma revenue of EUR 120 M and employs approximately 2400 temp workers on a daily base with companies throughout the Netherlands.


About VIA Logistics Professionals

VIA Logistics Professionals (VIA) provides services related to recruitment, secondment, freelancing & training (under the VIA Academy label) for white-collar professionals in the logistics domain. The company was founded in 1997 and has an annual revenue of approximately EUR 6 m. Clients perceive VIA as a trustworthy sparring partner and advisor in the field of human capital. The company has built up a loyal customer base and has access to a database of 17.000+ candidates. VIA is located in Venlo & Tilburg.

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