First steel pole swimming pool in Dordrecht

Posted on: 19-10-2018

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FMTC Dordrecht

In the Netherlands, we provide safety training courses from our Schiphol-Amsterdam, IJmuiden and Dordrecht locations. In Dordrecht, we have formed a partnership with Spinel Safety Centre, the training site of the Safety Region Zuid-Holland Zuid, and we share the training ground. On this training ground, a number of training objects are present, allowing us to recreate realistic (emergency) situations. With the construction of a swimming pool, we can expand our existing catalogue of training courses in Dordrecht.

Milestone FMTC Dordrecht

After a long period of preparation, the pole-driving has begun. The first steel pole of the swimming pool has been driven into the ground. A true milestone! The construction work is currently in full swing. The fine weather has helped to ensure that we are able to carry out our ambitious planning. Right now, it appears that the prefab swimming pool will be placed on top of the foundations in November. And we will be operational around the start of December 2018, according to schedule. From that moment on, we will be able to provide the OPITO courses in Dordrecht, just like we do at our Schiphol-Amsterdam location. Aside from the OPITO training courses, we will be able to offer the STCW and NOGEPA basic training courses as well. A valuable expansion of our catalogue of training courses, of which we are very proud.

Pool trainings

In the pool, we will be able to carry out training exercises in which a helicopter is in the water. This way, our training delegates will be able to practice escaping from a helicopter that has ended up in this position, the so-called Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). This is practiced during the OPITO BOSIETOPITO FOET and OPITO HUETtraining courses, among others. These certified training courses for offshore installations have been approved by OPITO.

The pool will also be used for the Sea Survival training courses, including the STCW Basic Safety Training CourseGWO Sea Survival and other water training courses.

Train at FMTC Dordrecht

In Dordrecht we will work with the same flexibility as you are used to from us. We will offer most training sessions on a weekly basis.

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