Archive-IT strengthens position through acquisition of Van Dinther Bedrijfsautomatisering

Posted on: 21-03-2022

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Reuver, March 2022 – Archive-IT is proud to announce that it will join forces with Van Dinther Bedrijfsautomatisering – a software company focussed on housing corporation sector. Via this collaboration, the company located in Raamsdonksveer sets an important step in the realization of future growth.

Growth Archive-IT
Archive-IT is a major player in the archiving market, both physically and digitally. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France, an enthusiastic team is working hard to realise its international growth ambitions. Through the collaboration with Van Dinther Archive-IT gains access to a new market segment in which Archive-IT can offer a direct value add via its (digital) archiving solutions. Director and co-owner of Archive-IT, Paul de Meulemeester, states: “I am very happy and proud of the cooperation we have started with Van Dinther. The different backgrounds and solutions of our organisations ensure that we can further strengthen our positions for the future. In many areas our solutions are complementary and we see benefits not only for Archive-IT and Van Dinther, but also for the customers of both organisations. I am very much looking forward to seizing opportunities and realizing our ambitions together with our new colleagues in Raamsdonksveer.”

Van Dinther’s knowledge & expertise
Van Dinther excels with their knowledge and expertise of the housing corporation sector in the Netherlands. For both large and small housing corporations, they offer an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution within Microsoft 365, which enables efficient collaboration and user-friendly document management. This is exactly where both organisations meet eachother: quickly accessing the right information and managing content. Han van Dinther, director and owner, is looking forward to the collaboration: “When meeting Archive-IT, it felt immediately right. It is important that both organisations share the same vision of the future and complement each other commercially and in terms of the team. I see a lot of potential in taking this step. It will give us more strength as an organisation and we will be able to offer even more added value within the housing association sector. I will remain active as a director for many years to come and – thanks to this collaboration – will be able to offer not only my clients, but also my colleagues, even better opportunities. A very positive development!”

Win-win situation
The knowledge Archive-IT brings to Van Dinther opens new doors within the corporation market. Vice versa Van Dinther benefits from the advantages of a larger organisation to be able to offer an even better and more future proof solution package to its customers. Rutger Alberink of investor and co-owner FIELDS Group: “We are impressed by the niche position that Han has built with its company in the Dutch housing corporation market and we expect that we can further grow it by adding Archive-IT’s complementary software solutions and service offering.”

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