Logistic Force strengthens its position in the Netherlands via the acquisition of Worktrans Uitzendgroep 

Posted on: 16-06-2022

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Logistic Force, a full-service HR-service supplier with a focus on the transportation and logistics segments, has acquired 100% of the shares in Worktrans Uitzendgroep (“Worktrans”). Via the acquisition of Worktrans, an agency focused on the training and staffing of truck drivers, Logistic Force extends its commercial footprint in especially the Northern part of the Netherlands. Combinedly the two companies expect to realize a revenue of above € 100 m in 2022. Investor FIELDS Group supported Logistic Force in the realization of this acquisition; the Dutch industrial holding came on board in December 2021 to actively support the management of the company with the execution of the company’s growth strategy.

Acquisition combines forces and facilitates future growth

“The acquisition of Worktrans fits perfectly with our growth ambitions in the Dutch market. By combining forces we are better able to service our customers and also gain immediate market share in the market for HR-services with a focus on transport & logistics.”, according to  Martin van Dijk, CEO of Logistic Force. Philip Jonk, former director and shareholder of Worktrans, is also delighted with the transaction: “The interaction with the team of Logistics Force was pleasant as of the start; both companies have a similar DNA and have a shared view on the importance of continuously training, enthusing and sustainably deploying the Dutch driver population”. The acquisition of Worktrans, a company seen as a worthy competitor for years, motivates Martin van Dijk: “This is a great first step in rolling out our growth strategy. This acquisition inspires us in our further search for other companies that we could add to our HR-services group in the near future.”

About Logistic Force

Logistic Force offers a combination of staffing, training and recruitment services and is specialized in the transport and logistics sectors. The full-service HR-service supplier has built up a national footprint with a total of 20 branches that all have a strong presence in their local communities. The company has an annual revenue of approximately € 85 M and daily staffs approximately 2000 temp workers across the Netherlands. www.logisticforce.nl

About Worktrans

Worktrans Uitzendbureau was founded in 1998 and has a total of 7 branches across the Netherlands. The company employs transportation specialists that daily work to staff transportation companies with the most suitable personnel on the market. Worktrans has an annual revenue of approximately € 22,5 M and daily staffs approximately 500 temp workers with a broad range of Dutch companies. www.worktrans.nl

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