JARO Group acquires Reijm Nieuwerkerk and HT Infra, backed by investor FIELDS Group, resulting in the creation of a powerful civil engineering player active throughout the Netherlands

Posted on: 09-04-2024

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Stellendam, April 9, 2024 – JARO Group, a leading civil and cultural engineering company in the ground, road and water infrastructure sector, has acquired Reijm Nieuwerkerk (“Reijm”) and HT Infra in the Rijnmond/Great Rotterdam region. Earlier, JARO Group acquired Huijbregts Infra in Reusel in 2023. These strategic acquisitions strengthen JARO Group’s position as a leading player in the civil engineering market and shape the objective of becoming a multidisciplinary service provider in the sector. By merging these companies, JARO Group increases its capacity, expertise and service offerings to provide high quality and innovative solutions to its customers.

Within the JARO Group there are several companies active, which are: JARO (specialized in infra/civil work, cultural-technical and dredging work, calamities and ice control), EZW Energie & Infra (carries out infra projects with a focus on underground cables and pipes), CSW (civil-technical services for the industry) and Huijbregts Infra (specialized in infra projects as well as cultural-technical work). With the additions of Reijm (active in cultural-technical work and landscaping) and HT Infra (active in infra/civil-technical work), the services will be further expanded in the Rijnmond and Greater Rotterdam regions. Both companies are mainly active in maintenance and construction for various clients such as municipalities, water authorities and developers. Both companies have a proven track record in providing high quality services, allowing JARO Group to broaden and strengthen its range of services, and from the combination also make investments on a larger scale, in sustainability and personnel, among other things.

Jan Hameeteman, the founder and managing director of JARO Group comments: “Our customer focus, expertise, quality and speed have made us a valued partner for municipalities, water authorities, developers and construction companies, among others. With this step we can serve our customers even better and we increase our working area and strength, also given the extensive and modern machinery we have at our disposal. All this with the short lines and no-nonsense mentality of the JARO DNA.” Gerrit Kalkman, co-founder of EZW and also managing director of JARO Group, adds, “Given the major challenges our customers face, including those related to energy transition and increasingly complex regulations, being able to offer a wide range of services and expertise is of great importance.”

Fabianne Onderwater, investment director at FIELDS Group, added: “With the increasing challenges of climate change, the energy transition with the growing demand for electricity but also for data as well as the focus on greening the living environment, we see a growing need for JARO Group’s multidisciplinary services. The company is responding to this through, among other things, the construction and maintenance of complete underground infrastructure, construction and maintenance of public spaces and carrying out projects in the field of water management as well as the maintenance of water infrastructure. We are convinced that consolidation in this sector offers advantages, allowing us to make the most of investments in sustainability, among other things.”

Both Reijm Nieuwerkerk and HT Infra will continue to be based in Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel. “We consider it important to continue operating locally and to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests” adds Jan Hameeteman. “The aim of the cooperation between FIELDS Group and JARO Group is to further grow the business and to make the most of the strength of the new combination.”


About JARO Group

JARO Group consists of several different civil engineering companies. JARO B.V., first established in 2005, is a cultural and civil engineering company headquartered in Stellendam. Other companies in the group are: EZW Energie & Infra B.V., Civiele Services West (CSW) B.V., Huijbregts Infra B.V., Reijm Nieuwerkerk B.V. and HT Infra B.V.

About FIELDS Group

FIELDS Group is an entrepreneurial hands-on investor focused on participating and further developing companies with potential. FIELDS Group invests in companies headquartered in the Benelux and DACH region and realizes fundamental transformations with its team.


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