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International growth


Since the start of the company in 2014, FMTC has grown into the international safety training center in the Netherlands for offshore, shipping, wind and industry.

Rob Bruinsma, the founder of FMTC: “After a number of years of growth in the Netherlands, I was looking for an entrepreneurial, hands-on investor who could help me and my team to achieve further growth, both in the Netherlands and abroad. I specifically chose FIELDS because they always asked the right questions from the first meeting onwards, quickly mastered the sector knowledge and were very involved during the process. It really gives energy to work with this team. I have never regretted my choice for a moment. Within a year we opened new locations in the USA, among others, and we were able to double our turnover.”

Fabianne Onderwater

“In particular, we provide support in identifying new locations and setting up the organization (legal, fiscal, financial), so that the team can focus on the business side of the international expansion. This leads to a great dynamic. ”

"Together we set up a strategic roadmap which is now rolled out, and we only took decisions we all support. Within one year after FIELDS stepped in, we opened four new locations."

Rob Bruinsma

Founder FMTC

Four new locations have been opened within one year of FIELDS' entry.

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