Bit, top AI consultancy and B Corp, joins forces with Kyden, ESG service provider

Posted on: 14-02-2024

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Bit, one of the leading AI consultancies in the Netherlands and based at the Amsterdam Science Park, is proud to announce its acquisition by Kyden, an ambitious player in the world of ESG consulting, education, talent and technology. This strategic merger unites Bit’s expertise in innovative AI solutions with Kyden’s mission to become a leading ESG service provider in Europe.

Bit: Innovation and talent development at the forefront
As a B Corp, Bit distinguishes itself by developing cutting-edge AI products and a unique traineeship for the best Dutch AI talent. “This acquisition gives us the unique opportunity to implement and maintain our innovative solutions more broadly, while maintaining our unique culture and independence,” said Marco van der Werf, founder of Bit. “Moreover, partnering with Kyden allows us to work for the most sustainable companies, a direction that fully aligns with our vision and mission. Kyden also brings a wealth of experience including their 15-year successful Young Professional traineeship (YSE), recognized as one of the best traineeships in the Netherlands. Kyden’s expertise and proven track record in ESG services will undoubtedly help us to further improve the Bit traineeship for AI, among other things.”

Kyden: Accelerating the transition to a sustainable society bylevering the power of AI
Kyden, formed from the merger of Kirkman Company, YSE and Dialogue, aims to play a leading role in the transition to a sustainable society. “Partnering with Bit’s unique culture of innovation and AI expertise is essential to us,” explained Roy Klaassen, Managing Director of Kyden. “With our ESG expertise in consulting, education, talent and technology, we are well positioned to make Bit’s breakthrough solutions a reality. This enrichment fits well within our growth ambition of our Technology & Data services.”

Future vision: Working together on world problems
“Our mission is to have the smartest people working on the world’s most important problems,” Marco emphasizes. “This acquisition marks a new phase in our joint mission to not only make sustainability innovations, but actually achieve sustainable transformations. Together with Kyden, we will implement our innovative projects from Bit to clients, making a contribution to a more sustainable society.” Marco will take a leadership role within Kyden to further put AI for Good on the map.

Unchanged identity and location
Bit retains its name, culture, and management and remains located at the Amsterdam Science Park. “Our goal to build a better future with new AI technology is stronger than ever,” adds Marco. “We have been working on this since 2017 and we only want to expand this. We aim to grow our studio with more impactful projects, while our trainees continue to work on some of the most pressing challenges of our time.”


About Bit
Bit is a leading AI consultancy and B Corp based at the Amsterdam Science Park. The company is known for creating innovative AI products for large European companies. In addition, Bit has a unique traineeship for the best Dutch AI and innovation talents.

About Kyden
Created from a merger of Kirkman (B Corp), Dialogue (B Corp) and YSE, Kyden consists of a team of approximately 200 employees. As a leading ESG consulting, education, talent and technology player, Kyden strives to bring impactful change across diverse sectors aimed at accelerating the transition to a sustainable society. The acquisition of Bit is a next step in Kyden’s growth strategy together with investor FIELDS Group. Kyden aims for further growth within the ESG domain in the Netherlands and abroad and is actively looking for companies that fit within its strategy to further strengthen its market position and make an even bigger impact.


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